Submitted Well Driller's Reports

Submitted well drillers reports is an Internet-based application in the WIID that focuses on groundwater resources. This application provides water well information that can be used to estimate groundwater resources for your area of interest. By viewing data about water depth, soil conditions, and water quality for nearby wells, you can extrapolate what groundwater resources may be available for your area.



Water Well drillers are required to submit detailed reports for every well they drill in Texas.

You can access these reports and tap into a wealth of well-specific information.

These well driller reports have been scanned and you can print them.

Reports are organized by their location. You can search by well number or by location.


To access Well Driller's Reports:

  1. Open the Water Well Data application, or the Submitted Well Driller's Reports application.

  2. In the Layer List, make the Submitted Well Drillers' Reports Layer visible and active
    (as shown below)

  3. Zoom in to the map until you see well points.

  4. Red points with Blue well numbers link to Well driller's reports

  5. Blue points with Red well numbers link to Water Well Data information.
    Note that you can turn off these wells so they don't display on your map by unchecking the Visible box next to the TWDB Groundwater Data layer.


Accessing Water Well Driller's Reports