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WIID Applications

Water Well Data

TWDB maintains two groundwater data sets: TWDB Groundwater Database and Submitted Driller's Reports. Please select the data set of your interest below.

TWDB Groundwater Database (ArcIMS)
Of the approximate 1,000,000 water wells drilled in Texas in this century, approximately 128,000 are registered in the TWDB ground-water database. This web service provides external users with reported water well information for those wells registered with the TWDB.

Submitted Driller's Reports (ArcIMS)
Database created from the online Texas Well Report Submission and Retrieval System (A cooperative TDLR,TWDB system) that registered water-well drillers use to submit their required reports. This system was started 2/5/01 and is optional for the drillers to use. Reports that drillers submit by mail are not included in this database and are available for access at the TCEQ Records Services Department (512-239-0900). At some time in the future, it will be required for registered drillers to file their reports through this online system.